YISL League History

The Rangoon International Softball League has existed at least since the early 1960’s. At that time there were six men’s teams in the league, including a Japanese team, a Teen team, an American Embassy team, a US military equipment detachment team (MEDT), etc. Games were played at a field at St. John’s School.

Once the American Club facility was established in the early 1980s, the league moved its games to its current location on Malihka Lane. Though the league began as a fast-pitch league, along the way it changed to a slow-pitch league as it is today.

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  1. DouglasJimmink says:

    Enjoyed reading and the pic’s. I lived in Rangoon in the early 60’s and played in the leauge on the Teen team.

    • Steve Cline says:

      Steve Cline
      I also lived in Burma and played for MEDT. Was the leagues MVP in 68,69. My father pitched and I was at Shortstop. Our games were at the field at the American club. What a wonderful time in my life.The games were picked up by the English newspapers “The Guardian and the Working Peoples Daily.

      • Patricia Piscatello says:

        My father also played on the MEDT team in Rangoon in the late 60’s . He was Daniel Piscatello ? Those were some very competitive games back then and tons of fun to watch from the stands!

        • Steve cline says:

          I remember you and your family. We went to school together at the Intl. School. Have you been back for a visit since the 60’s? I came close to visiting a few times but as close as I came was Thailand. At the time there was too much paperwork to gain entry so I passed. Will probably get there in the next couple of years since I’ve retired and have way too much time on my hands. Have kept in touch with Amy Ranard but no one else.
          Those were some interesting years.

  2. DouglasJimmink says:

    Oh……I also played in the first game at the American Club. My mom was the club mgr

  3. Dennis Jimmink says:

    I too played in that game. My primary contribution was to hit a foul ball that broke a window in the car belonging to Ambassador Byroade.

    The league itself played games at a football field (soccer pitch) on Prome Road and another at the English Methodist school.

  4. Patricia Piscatello says:

    My father played with the MEDT team in Rangoon in the late 60’s as we’ll with Steven and his father .Great games , very competitive ,and fun for all of us watching !!!! My father was Daniel Piscatello and in the Army.

  5. Richard Moreno says:

    Its good to see that the Softball League is still functioning and still playing the American Club. I worked at the American Embassy from 1881-1884 and played second base on the embassy’s Rough Rider team which was rather good during my time, winning one or two League championships. One of my treasures is a Rough Rider team photo from 1983.

    • David Tegenfeldt says:

      Would be interested in adding a copy of the Rough Rider team photo to our League Historical file, if you could send it to us.

  6. Richard Moreno says:

    Last year I sent a photo of the American Embassy Rough Rider softball team of 1981-1982 plus a tournament commentary to your website but never heard from David Tegenfeldt that they were received. If wanted/needed let me know how best to send both.

    Rich Moreno

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