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The Yangon International Softball League (YISL) is a recreational slowpitch softball league for both women and men residing in Myanmar.*

The league plays its games on Sundays from the first Sunday in November to the middle of March each year. Games are played at the American Club, located at the end of Malihka Lane (off of Parami Road). Teams wishing to practice, do so on week-day afternoons and evenings or on Saturdays.

YISL is governed by decisions made at the annual meeting of coaches/captains, held each year on the last Sunday of September. A League Commissioner is selected by the representatives of the teams participating in the league. The league is independent of the American Club and the Club’s governing AERA Board, though the league uses the American Club facilities in a mutually beneficial arrangement.

YISL is financially supported by the collection of player fees and occasional sponsorships and donations. Individual player fees are collected by each team and submitted to the league. Adult Myanmar nationals are encouraged to participate and, as such, pay a discounted player fee that reflects their relative financial status. Players unable to afford player fees are given financial support to participate.

*(the city name is pronounced “Yangohn” with a soft “a” (NOT as in “yankee”) and long “o” (as in “own”). The country name is pronounced with an “M-Y” sound like you have in “music” and the final “r” is pronounced like an “ah”).

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  1. Don says:

    How about both an English & Burmese language YISL History — Latin?

    • admin says:

      Sorry about that, Don! We’re working on getting something written for this page.

  2. David says:

    Hi may i know where you get your softball equipment from?

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